Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Or, How corrupt can you get? just ask Jefferson........!

Even in the annals of political hyperbolic hypocrisy, some examples stands out far and above others. Such was the case of congressman William Jefferson D-LA in the congressional committee hearing today on the problems during Katrina.

This utterly corrupt congressman (named so by the attack dog liberal-Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington-CREW), had the total gall to accuse former FEMA director Michael Brown of irresponsiblity in handling the response to Hurricane Katrina.

This is the same congressman who diverted a national guard helicopter from rescuing people during Katrina to save personal valuables from his house in New Orleans from looters. That action should exclude him from being allowed to ask Mr. Brown or anyone at FEMA any question about anything. He is corrupt and dishonest. But then he’s a fiberal Democrat and what do you expect fiberal Democrats: honesty? Sorry, that’s a contradiction in terms.


Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to hate the name "Katrina"

NewGnome said...

Understand how you feel, but it will untimately reveal the corruption of New Orleans and Louisiana. It might just wind up cleaning out some very corrupt politicians along with their money-grubbing friends. About time New Orleans got a washing. Just wish a lot more soap and disinfectant had been used.

Then there was Kathleen Blanco, the head of corruption central demanding more money from taxpayers. I'm in favor of helping, as long as Blanco and the dishonest politicans don't get their hands on the money.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting link