Friday, October 04, 2013


Over time, I've struggled with trying to find a really apt description in just one word defining Barack Obama and his deepest self.  From his nose in-the-air arrogance to his terminal intransigence and imperial dictations none of the words I've used seemed to sufficiently describe his true nature with it's hateful connotations.

With the shutdown of the government, it has finally become very apparent.  He is a very SPITEFUL man.  He has become "the dreams of his father."  As a committed communist, his father hated Democratic capitalistic freedom.  Obama is continuing that dream of hate, and it's been manifeste in his vengeful spite.

OBAMA IS PURE SPITE.  He has infected the entire Democrat Party with it.  Harry Reid has announced that he doesn't care about children with cancer.  The pain of others is only important when it services the socialistic agenda of Obama's Democrat Party.

He will not talk to anyone who is not ready to capitulate fully with his demands.  "I will not negotiate with Republicans," yells Obama.  "I will not negotiate with Republicans," screams Reid,  "we do not care if it causes pain to the American people.   Spite, Spite, Spite!!!

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