Thursday, October 31, 2013


Americans are now free to accuse a black president of lying!

This week has seen a monumental change in America.  There is no more fear of criticizing Barack Obama.  Until now everyone seemed to live in total fear of accusing Obama for anything even when his scandals were blatant, death-causing and damaging to our country and constitution for fear of being called a racist. 

Democrats, liberals, and wild-eyed leftists were always quick to name-call anyone a racist for any criticism of Obama or his anti-American policies. 

This week that's changed 180 degrees!!!  Obama has been so totally dishonest in telling us to our face that a person could keep their insurance even with the introduction of Obamacare that fear of calling him a liar , even if he is still black, is no longer of concern .  People no long fear the "you're-a-racist lie perpetrated by Obama's leftist Democrats.

This has nothing to do with race.  It's now about your wallet!  But, because of Obama's bald-faced lies, the fear of criticizing a "Black" president  doesn’t have the ramifications it formerly had.  The truth is out.  Obama's imperial presidency has done this to itself, especially led by Obama himself.
Power corrupts, absolute corrupts absolutely and Obama thought he had absolute power. This week he found out he doesn't!


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