Tuesday, October 29, 2013


MSNBC has finally, after years of aggressively refusing to tell the truth about Barack Obama, discovered that he is actually Sergeant Schultz of…"I know NOTHING" fame.   The erstwhile (yes erstwhile because it certainly isn't a news organization now, it's a propaganda arm of the Obama administration) and alleged news organization has suddenly recognized that Obama doesn't know anything about anything that he doesn't want to know anything about. 

He has a MAMMOTH case of plausible deniability until it's reported on news organizations he deigns to recognize as news organizations, even if their news credibility is negligible. Then he is awestruck that this terrible thing has happened, that he didn't know anything about, and he is terribly concerned.  

Unfortunately, MSNBC and it's cohorts in the mainstream media have actively failed to inform Obama through their omissions of news stories that Obama needed information about so he was unable to evaluate the  policies that he was promoting in his speeches.  Some might ask why Obama wasn't getting the information from his secret czars or cabinet secretaries. 

As MSNBC finally reported, Obama "didn't know anything."  The cable news service did a truncated version of the  "I found out about this from the same news stories you heard them from" montage. Of course, Mika was dutifully outraged.  The number of statements covering all of the issues including Fast and Furious, Solandra,  Benghazi,  Obamacare's disastrous rollout, IRS targeting the Tea Party, conservative groups and private individuals, NSA spying on Americans and seizing news organization records and wiretapping world leaders weren't all of the scandals in his administration.

Obama has been labeled the "BY-STANDER PRESIDENT."  And so he is.  He certainly is completely disengaged, at least from governing.  He is in and only in full money-raising mode and does it continually.  If he put half as much effort in actually running the government as he does in raising money, maybe, just maybe, he might hear more about the disaster that is his presidency.  

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Anonymous said...

he doesn't have to know nothing because he's isn't really the president as much as he is a figure head
And amazing how many people don't know nothing either.