Sunday, September 23, 2012


It wouldn’t have mattered what Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney would have put on his tax returns, Democrats would have twisted it into a pretzel to look as bad as possible.  But the hypocrisy of their actions contradicts their own demands of the wealthy.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama lead the liberal choruses demanding that the rich pay more in taxes. Warren Buffett says he can pay more taxes and the wealthy can pay more taxes.

Now we have Romney actually paying more taxes than required and what do these choir directors do?  They pillory him and say he’s manipulating tax returns for political purposes.  

Well the idiots who lead the Democrat party are shooting themselves in the foot.  Romney has a wonderful talking point about his taxes. 

He should say, you have demanded the wealthy pay more taxes.  I paid more taxes and you criticize more for doing what you demand.  Mr. Obama, as a wealthy person, did you pay more taxes than you were legally obligated to pay?  NO!  You used every possible loophole to avoid paying taxes.  So you actively chose not to pay what you demand that others pay. 

What would you call that?

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