Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I'm looking forward to former president Bill Clinton's speech at the National Democratic convention in North Carolina.  I can't believe that I actually said that.  I've never wanted to hear a Clinton speech. But this time, he's supposed to stoke up the crowd to support Barack Obama. I'm warning Obama not to hold his breath  waiting to understand what the complement meant.

Clinton has an incredible talent.  He can give you a complement that only makes him look better.  So  Obama had better be prepared to receive a complement from Bill that he won't be sure he wanted to have .

And Clinton can give a ton of those left-handed complements in 20 minutes that Obama may have to duck.
In addition, Clinton is doing everything he can to get Hillary elected in 2016 so I would be very careful if I were Barack Obama.  It will probably take Obama a month to figure out whether Clinton was promoting his re-election or setting Hillary up.


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