Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Bill Clinton did exactly as I predicted.  He claimed that Barack Obama couldn't have fixed the economy because it was such a disaster.  His rational? Clinton claimed that he wouldn't have been able to turn this disastrous economy around either…but what will ultimately be remembered is that Obama was not capable of fixing the economy.

What this does is put a huge doubt in the minds of voters about the capabilities of Obama in the next four years.  For a moment, the pundits will claim that Clinton's admission that he couldn't have done it himself either suffice. No! But what Americans will remember is that statement that Obama failed at his responsibility to turn the economy around. If he couldn't do it in the last four years what makes you think that he will be able to do it in the next four years. 

Obama is already seeing that his leftist agenda has failed miserably, and he's making a beeline to the center.  Maybe he might be ready to work with Congress despite his disdain of coming off Mr. Olympus and condescending to actually negotiate with Republicans, provided of course he's elected, and that is certainly not a sure thing,  particularly since this Democrat Convention will forever be known as the convention that Democrats booed God.

Clinton's speech will soon be forgotten.  Democrats booing God will never be forgotten.

When it finally sinks into, Obama and his henchmen and more importantly the voters, the ultimate result will be that will voters will realize finally that Bill Clinton eviscerated Obama, and he didn't feel a thing.  When the election is over, Obama will finally realize he was right the first time.  Don't get involved with Bill Clinton, Obama is more than just an amateur,  he is a clueless amateur when a real politician takes the stiletto and cuts his intestines into little pieces. 

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