Friday, September 28, 2012


The decision by the New York MTA to restrict “material” that they might foresee as inciting or provoking violence or breach the peace can be restricted or removed: so much for freedom of speech.

What is such an affront to anyone who still believes in America is that this decision encourages anything that could be deemed by Muslims to be inflammatory as unacceptable thus allowing Muslims to control anything posted on the MTA sites.

Unfortunately, it seems, only Muslims get violent when they “feel” insulted even by stupid cartoons.  Conversely, since most religions that constantly see vile admonitions by Muslims to kill Jews, Christians or Sikhs, tend not to get violent over minor and even some not so minor insults, don’t have the same freedom of speech as Muslims, unless they start rioting and killing people over trivial provocations.

The MTA action has become an open invitation to Muslims to be violent over what they construe, no matter how insignificant, to be insulting.  What if there was a poster on a subway wall that invited parishioners to Saturday or Sunday services beneath or near a mosque.  Muslims could easily claim offense and threaten riots forcing even innocuous advertising to be removed.

Thus, Muslims with their seemingly constant violent tendencies would control MTA advertising simply by their threats to riot over anything.  And the MTA is caving big time and all the time and once again the American Constitution takes another blow with the Obama apology administration.

Muslims do not extend the same respect to other religions.  Even Indonesia, the frequently touted religious tolerance leader of Islam, is killing Christians, Jews and any religious organization that don’t “submit” to the will of Allah.  Well Allah is anything but a peaceful “God” it seems.  CONVERT OR DIE, isn’t peaceful or tolerant.

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