Saturday, January 22, 2011


It is sad that we are having to fight this politically correct straight jacket that is being foisted on political discourse by the left. But just as sad is the need many feel to use profanity to express themselves. Hollywood does it all the time so they can say they're dialogue is "gritty and street wise."

But the best scripts and dialogue are those with a subtlety of nuance while profanity restricts intellectual thought by forcing you to use words that have become devoid of meaning or sting. It is particularly obvious in the Lonely v. NewsGnome post. The "f" word is used so many times is no longer means anything. It doesn't add anything to the illumination of any discussion, and usually means the orator is at a loss to think of more effective words.

Profanity is the product of a lazy mind. It restricts a broader expression using the million or so words in the English language and it is a pathetic travesty to use it to express a person's intellect because it demeans that intellect as well.


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