Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Once again Democrats, as illustrated by the Arizona Sheriff comments in the tragedy there, are using the insane acts of a mentally disturbed young man as fodder to press highly restrictive policies. Then there is the accusation that the rhetoric of the right was worse than the rhetoric of the left.

The real person to blame this on, if you want to blame someone, other than mentally ill shooter Jared Lee Loughner, consider actor Alec Baldwin. He is the first and only celebrity to have shouted national television, the Letterman show, that Henry Hyde should be killed, and his family stoned to death.

How many times has the left used these types of tragedies to push sick twisted policies. This is just another example of that. How many times has Barrack Obama use vitriolic rhetoric, “they bring knives we bring guns,” to inflame his socialistic political base. He’s just as sick as Loughner and so are other Democrats who are using this horrible event.


Anonymous said...

check out this leftwing blog. These people are nuts.


They may get you mad but it's difficult to look away if you know what I mean.


NewGnome said...

This comment has been edited for obvious reasons. A full response is in an upcoming post.

Get out of your chair and look in a mirror. Get out of your f**king chair and look in a G*d D**n mirror. People f**king died the other day. We're Americans. We don't f**king take sides in this. F**k everyone who has an hour long show on a cable "news" network, whether liberal or conservative. F**k you for saying this. F**k you for disrespecting the dead. F**k you for not knowing what its like to feel a building shake around you after Timothy McVeigh detonates a bomb near you. F**k you for not spending a day wondering if your father was still alive because your teachers will only tell you that people are dead and not where. F**k you if you have. F**k you if your waited months to hear back from the Pacific for word of his life, because you've calloused enough now that it doesn't seem to mean a d**n to you now.

F**k you for writing this. Alec F**king Baldwin? Alec F**king Baldin? (sic) People actually died. Actually people, actually f**king died and you come back with Alec f**king Baldwin?

Why should we f**king care who the f**k is to f**king blame. People are dead, People are f**king dead and all you can do is blame Alec f**king Baldwin.

Congratulations. F**k you. f**king (sic) sleep well tonight. Sleep f**king well knowing that you've absolved these deaths by blaming Alec F**king Baldwin.

F**k you before I apologize for saying f**k you again. You arbitrarily condemn foul language, yet you pass over murder, the deaths of innocents, to blame a movie star. I find that more profane than any language I can ever use.

Ryan f**king Lonely Artist Club.