Saturday, January 29, 2011


It is truly amazing just how ignorant Barack Obama is on how jobs are created in an established economy. He claims that innovation is the key. While innovation certainly could lead to jobs in the future, the vast majority of jobs created by new ideas usually take years to develop.

Even Al Gore’s invention of the internet, originally created by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for better communication in time of war…..TIME OF WAR…! Heaven forbid that a project designed to defend America turned into one of the greatest inventions in history that everybody can use, except if you’re in Egypt right now!

It was an innovation that took 10 to 15 year to develop. But internet jobs didn’t really start exploding for another 20 years. So Obama’s suggesting that we innovate then in 20 years or so we’ll have some jobs. Get real Barry. You can’t really be that stupid, CAN YOU?

America, this guy who was elected president is an empty suit…a stupid, cheap empty suit at that.

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