Monday, January 17, 2011


Within minutes of the tragic event in Arizona that left 6 dead and several wounded, the left began a rant of accusations that it was the fault of conservative talk show hosts.

From the Democrat Sheriff of Pima County Clarence W. Dupnik (who did his best to destroy any case against the alleged Arizona murderer) to NTY Times columnist Paul Krugman they assigned instant blame to gain political advantage, a painfully clear revelation of the hateful left. They used the deaths and wounding of innocent people for political gain. Nearly every left wing mouth followed suit assigning blame to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Fox News specifically.

There was no equivocation. The right pundits were guilty. It was their fault roared Krugman, Schultz, Olbermann and the hate mongers of the left media. The alphabet media rushed to Arizona to prove that this poor mentally disturbed young man who actually committed this horrendous crime expressed his leftist hate for George Bush, would be painted as a right-wing murderer who was filled with the alleged venom spewed by the right not the hate of the left.

The verdict was in…The right was guilty. I chose to ask if the left has haters in their ranks. Immediately, the admonition of Alec Baldwin to murder Congressman Henry Hyde and his family came to mind. Well, this sent one of NewsGnome's readers off the reservation. He calls himself “Lonely.”

Do you want to see hate speech, profanity, blame and a true picture of the allegedly peaceful left? Read the following post from this young man who is about to finish law school in the mid-west. This young man continually castigates me for pointing out the follies of Obama and the left. Who feigns reserve and claims he is the voice of thoughtful reason. If he can pass the bar, I doubt that a judge would put up with his profane rants. He is old enough to know better. I must admit that I have accepted his assertion that he is in law school. I don't know it for sure. Do not read this if you are offended by grossly unnecessary profanity and hate.

TheLonelyArtistClub has left a new comment on your post "BLAME ALEC BALDWIN":

Get out of your chair and look in a mirror. Get out of your f**king chair and look in a G*d D**n mirror. People f**king died the other day. We're Americans. We don't f**king take sides in this. F**k everyone who has an hour long show on a cable "news" network, whether liberal or conservative. F**k you for saying this. F**k you for disrespecting the dead. F**k you for not knowing what its like to feel a building shake around you after Timothy McVeigh detonates a bomb near you. F**k you for not spending a day wondering if your father was still alive because your teachers will only tell you that people are dead and not where. F**k you if you have. F**k you if your waited months to hear back from the Pacific for word of his life, because you've calloused enough now that it doesn't seem to mean a d**n to you now.

F**k you for writing this. Alec F**king Baldwin? Alec F**king Baldin? (sic) People actually died. Actually people, actually f**king died and you come back with Alec f**king Baldwin?

Why should we f**king care who the f**k is to f**king blame. People are dead, People are f**king dead and all you can do is blame Alec f**king Baldwin.

Congratulations. F**k you. f**king sleep well tonight. Sleep f**king well knowing that you've absolved these deaths by blaming Alec F**king Baldwin.

F**k you before I apologize for saying f**k you again. You arbitrarily condemn foul language, yet you pass over murder, the deaths of innocents, to blame a movie star. I find that more profane than any language I can ever use.

Ryan f**king Lonely Artist Club.

Is there any doubt as to why this young man would consider himself "Lonely?" He basically has a one-word vocabulary. Obviously, he also has a problem with his ability to comprehend what he reads. I wrote that if you want to blame someone, consider Alec Baldwin because of his call to murder a congressman and his family. But "Lonely" ignores far left Baldwin's hate speech.

Good luck Lonely! You'll need it because you won't have your favorite word when you give your openings and summations in court. You'll actually have to use words from the dictionary.

FOR THE RECORD: i counted 27 "f" words, taking the name of the lord in vain and a "d" word. Nearly eleven per cent of his words are profane, not to mention the accuracy of his conclusions.


Anonymous said...

I am finding there is no use reasoning with irrational people. The left is nothing but a shrinking choir.
The verdict is in an they have decided that all conservatives are guilty of genocide and mass murder.
That speech Obama made was all about him and his poll numbers. Instead of mourning as a nation as we should the vitriol of the left wing media throws out their bombs like they did during Katrina so they can turn around and say "Look at those crazy conservatives"
I am convinced they have no compassion just an agenda and America has gotten their message. Personally I prefer those who cling to their guns and religion over the agenda of the Progs in the White House.


TheLonelyArtistClub said...

You completely missed the point of my comment. I cursed excessively to show that you have no problem condemning foul language, yet you gloss over the deaths of innocents to make what I can only suppose is a humorous point, because if your Alec Baldwin post was really serious, than you are also off the reservation.

Once again, I am dumbfounded, absolutely dumbfounded by your dedication to binaries. I criticize you and it has to be a complaint from the left, a hypocritical complaint from the left. The world is not divided into the right and the left. We live in a 3 Dimensional world, yet whenever anyone comes against you for anything, you attribute it to your political antagonist.

People died the other day. Innocent people died. Yet again. I heard 168 people die once in my life, and I find it absurd that you would write that post. I find it absurd that the right and left are in a media war over this. I find it absolutely absurd that we have to politicize a spree killer who initially seems to be and probably is crazy. You complete pass over the fact that I also criticize the liberals in this. But you can't understand this at all, because if I'm not with you, I must be against you. You are incapable of understanding that there are more than two sides, more than two simple dimensions to our world.

All you get out of that is that I have a small vocabulary. People died and you criticized me for cursing. I criticize you for making light of their deaths. For caring more about my [let me do it for you] f**king language than the end of these lives.

Call me Lonely all you want. I don't particularly care. I've explained multiple times that the full name "Lonely Artist Club" came from a story collection I was writing at the time and I thought the name sounded cool. I don't call myself Lonely, I call myself by my name, I'm the only one of us not afraid to spell our own names out on the internet. If I use the blogger name, Lonely is only a shortening for the entire thing: Lonely Artist Club. You were the one who started calling me Lonely. If you took the time to look past the surface of language (which is anathema to your understanding of the world), you'd realize the inherent contrast between Lonely and Club in the name.

Additionally, I've said multiple times I have no desire to ever be in a court room, but apparently you can't shake whatever preconceived notion of attorneys you have. Only about 10% of us ever step into a court room in our capacity as members of the bar. Also, I'm fairly sure "fuck" is in most dictionaries now.

Finally, how did I ignore Alec Baldwin's hate speech? Sure, I didn't bring it up, but I didn't attack anyone on the right for giving hate speech either. Why in your mind, must I answer for an actor I don't like and don't agree with politically half the time? Nowhere in my rant did I ask you to answer for supposed hate speech of anyone you might have similarities too politically. No where did I accuse anyone of hate speech. So why try and reframe the issue?

But hey, people died. And a bunch of idiots on cable tv turned it into a partisan issue, so lets continue to disrespect their legacy just because some people on tv started it. That was wrong. The cable commentators shouldn't have done that, right or left. And you only offended their legacies more by adding on to that discourse.

The Lonely Artist Club

NewGnome said...

Lonely, you’ve got a serious problem. A problem I'm tired of rehashing every other Blog. Your posts illustrate just how incapable you are of evaluating your own leftist slant of your rhetorical distillate. You think, like most liberals, that you're in the middle and everybody to the right of Dennis Kucinich are reactionaries. Let me tell you the right is not where you think it is.

It is a typical ploy of the left. Most are incapable of seeing how far left they have drifted with Obama in power. You are a lot farther left than you can comprehend, given your vitriolic and profanity filled comments. One phrase, partially blaming the left, does not balance the paragraphs of hate you spew at the right.

But one of your statements in your childish rant, "Why should we f**king care who the f**k is to f**king blame," is particularly telling in defining the problem of how you and your slant is skewed.

I care who is to blame and why. You and your leftist friends are diminishing and diluting the enormity of this horrendous crime by saying we're all to blame. No! That is not only false, it is a type of mental and political dishonesty found only on the left. This was a very sick young man who was singly to blame. Not pundits. Not those on the right or left and Alec Baldwin's idiocy was an illustration of the profound divide of rational thought that has gripped political discourse. The shoving down the throats of the American people by Obama, Pelosi and Reid of policies Americans didn't want, has brought the divide into sharp focus. The fact that you can't see this is just one more reason to know that it will not soon change.

You demanded that I look into the mirror. I demand that you look into your soul. Yes people died. But you and the left instantly turned it into an effort to create a vendetta of accusations when the person responsible had no connection to the speech of anyone except himself, and the hate speech leveled against George W. Bush as it has now been revealed.

I don't care if you go to court or not. You revealed yourself in that profane post. You should have read some of the email I got (not posted on my blog) after I posted it for all to consider. You didn't fair too well, Lonely.


NewGnome said...

Once again I have to sanitize Lonely's rhetoric.

TheLonelyArtistClub has left a new comment on your post "LONELY V. NEWSGNOME":

I came here for a mental fight (and I'm specifically not saying intellectual - I never know what random words you are going to pick up on and turn into a big deal, so I feel like perhaps I should put a footnote after every single word explaining both its connotation and denotation.

I came here expecting to feel insulted, but I was disappointed. You truly don't get it do you? I criticize you for trying to make a political point out of this and yet again, you just fall back on calling me a leftist. Who cares if I vote Democrat sometimes? That comment had nothing to do with politics and the point of that comment was to suggest that you were wrong in saying that shooting had anything to do with politics.

I haven't "investigated" it fully. But I know when an American citizen murders several people, my first reaction isn't to jump to the blame game. I was criticizing you for doing that... even if you intended those comments to be in humor.

Yes. I am a liberal. But I still don't understand why you insist on insisting that I must therefore believe and agree with everything the left says - whether its politicians or media pundits...

Do you agree with everything that anyone who goes by the label of conservative or Republican says? Its impossible. How can you simultaneously agree with both what GOP Rep Ron Paul and former President George W. Bush said? They were both members of the same party, they both considered themselves conservative, yet they might have more fundamental differences than Bush and Obama. Its ridiculous for me to equate you with both of them; yet, if you can find a liberal pundit or politician who says something, you assume I must also agree with it.

Maybe you'll pull out the RINO argument and dismiss this as saying only one of them is really a Republican... I'll wait in anticipation to see how you do that.

I'm bored, and I find your blog entertaining. (insert your perpetual comment about not believing a law student has time to do stuff like this.) I wouldn't spend this time if I actually thought I could convince you of something,

yet, I would like to think that someday you realize there are more than two options in the world.

And finally, if you don't give a s**t if I go to court or not, then stop bringing up how you think I'm going to fail miserably in court. I hate to tell you this... it might come as a shock to you, but I can cuss furiously in one forum and not say a "bad" word for days in another.... Plus, I find foul language to be much less offensive than doing something like financing Prop 8 or banning people of dark skin color from my organization until 1978... but I suppose I'm a bigot for pointing that s**t out.

NewGnome said...

Lonely, You misspelled the second word in the seventh paragraph!

After reading your comment I'm sure you meant to write "boring" which would be the more appropriate spelling in this instance. Just once I wish you'd stay on point.

And once again you want to insert your profanity onto my blog. Profanity is the product of a lazy mind. I haven't asked you for much when commenting on NewsGnome . I've posted your profane diatribes against me, posting them with the profanity removed, and you complain about that. Everything else in your latest comment is just redundant redundancy.

One last comment. Using your logic citing 1978 would require you to take personal responsibility for American slavery. Your problem is that you're under a kind of rhetorical liberal slavery and can't free your mind.