Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is great! It took months to decide whether American soldiers be fired on by the Taliban to send a surge into Afghanistan but it's only taking days to go to war on Arizona. He applies the law in every case but border control. American citizens are being killed, including police officers, but that's not enough to protect our citizens from illegal aliens.

I'm convince that if 911 happened today,Obama would apologize to Osama for for us failing to put more of our buildings in the path of their hijacked planes, and allowing the innocent New Yorkers to escape the burning buildings.

It's a lot safer for Obama to attack American Arizonans than it is for him to actually criticize Muslim/Islamic radical murders for killing our fellow American. Or, in the case of Arizona, it's a lot safer to put Arizonans in jail than to arrest Mexican Drug Cartel murderers. Do you feel safer now that Arizonans are being attacked for the demand that the federal government do their jobs keeping illegal immigrants from killing us?

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