Thursday, April 15, 2010


While the news media are crying over the successes of the Tea Party movement and accusing its adherents of using naughty words against Barack "The Socialist" Obama, Democrat supporters are beating people in the streets, if they come out of a restaurant where a Republican event is being held. Two participants were beaten bloody and suffered at lease one broken bone. Where are the big media Demorats in denouncing this attack?

Meanwhile, Media Research Center points out:
Jimmy Carter, the worst president in my life time, said the tea party movement is ominous and racially motivated.
Bob Schieffer, CBS Face the Nation host, called Tea Party events as angry and nasty.
Dan Harris, ABC calls tea partiers as racist with no evidence.
John Breman, ABC news reporter, said tea partiers were angry and confrontational.
Diane Sawyer, ABC anchor, defined tea partiers as out-of-control marauders.
Brian Williams, NBC anchor, echoed Carter's racial accusations, saying recent tea partier events featured racial and other violent themes.
Brian Montopoli, official CBS blog poster used the comments of "Crash the Tea Party" founder Jason Levin who indirectly advocates violence against tea party members, by suggesting that tea partiers be stopped by any "non-violent" necessary (a weakly disguised flim-flam), by quoting him calling tea partiers as homophobes, racists and morons.
Katie Couric, (I think she is still an anchor on CBS News) has an online show so she can say she interviewed some tea partiers, but not on CBS News, started her interview by identifying herself as the enemy as a "big time" media type to the tea partiers, and while they were gracious in their response, Couric revealed her true position. Not only is she a Sarah Palin hater, she is a tea partier hater. Why is that not a surprise.
Chris Matthews MSNBC Hardball host says the tea are racists and sexists.

In other words, Demorats and fiberals can break the legs of Republicans and conservatives, but don't you dare say a naughty word about an Obama socialist fiberal.


Anonymous said...

It's the same old garbage with them NG.
I have had it them and have decided to ignore them because they can all sing kumbya around a circle but they have to be saying in the back of their minds "I can't believe I'm dong this"
I would like to believe that's the case.I can't imagine they would think otherwise.

NewGnome said...

As a former journalist, I am amazed that they are so easily unprofessional and so biased and then can't believe we see their obvious unfair reporting practices.