Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The election is not over in Massachusetts as I write this post. However, as much as I want Brown to win

I think he will lose by a point or two. My reasoning is simple: those Democrats who claim they'll vote for him-- won't.

I call it the "in the privacy of the voting booth syndrome. " What I mean is that when a voter who has been a democrat all their lives gets into the secret ballot booth, they cannot bring themselves to actually repudiate their own history of voting. Even if they don't believe in the Democrat candidate, they may even detest that candidate, but they cannot bring themselves to vote anything but Democrat. It's a sickness.

I hope I'm wrong. But I fear I'm not. Democrat herd loyalty is miles deep and years wide. Besides, Democrats can overcome a one point difference in their sleep using their tried and true double vote plan apparent in the Florida and Minnesota elections where votes were manufactured as needed.

But even if Brown loses, the rest of the country has seen that two candidates, Hoffman and Brown, who espouse conservative values, not Republican values, were far stronger than anyone predicted. Looking forward to November.

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