Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here's NewsGnome's prediction in the Massachusetts Senate Race. Scott Brown will win by about 25,000 votes on Tuesday night. By a week from Tuesday, the liberal secretary of state, William Francis Galvin will announce that many ballots have been found and that a bunch of absentee ballots were over looked in the most liberals areas of the state, and the new preliminary count shows that Martha Coakley has moved ahead of Brown by 30,000 votes.

Those darn Democrat polling officials are just so lax when it comes to submitting Democrat voters. It's just amazing.

It goes to show you that those Democrats stash Democrat ballots in case of a close race and they can count them several times to be sure that the number is enough to out vote the real winner, Brown.

If the Democrats doesn't use their George Soros promoted Democrat secretary of state incumbents to skew the election, as in the case of Al Franken where they were able to pull ballots right out of thin air, then they are the most incompetent vote counters in history on election night.


TheLonelyArtistClub said...

I personally hate when politicians use absentee ballots to sway an election. I'm just thankful that republicans have never committed that sin. At least we have one honest political party.

NewGnome said...


I don't mind absentee ballots so much but their count needs to take place on election the night. I've voted that way several times myself. It's just when they seem to be suddenly discovered as needed to win an election for Democrats.

George Soros has a specific campaign for which he is paying, that targets secretaries of state who are far left in all states. He says, "it's not who votes, its who counts the votes." A line, Soros took from Stalin. Because most people don't think about what those offices do, count votes, they don't worry about voting for any attractive candidate and the candidate can hide their politics and the fact that they're being funded by Soros.

It happened in liberal counties in Florida in 2000, Frankin in Minnesota, Chicago elections all the time, Carnahan in Missouri and a host of other elections. This, while the Military votes in Florida and Minnesota were thrown out because they were said to have arrived too late. It doesn't pass the smell test.

How are things?


TheLonelyArtistClub said...

Life is good. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I transfered from Loyola Chicago to University of Oklahoma (which was pretty much a lateral move) because I decided I would rather live in a small city like OKC, Tulsa or Little Rock than a big place like Chicago, and instate tuition here is a about a third of what I was paying private up there. My lack of online activity can probably be credited to not just the stress of law school, but I decided to live with my parents to avoid having to take out additional loans, which means I spend about 90 minutes in my car each day, which drastically cuts into the little free time I have.

As far as Law School goes, I don't have my grades yet, but I feel like this latest semester was probably my best. I greatly enjoyed taking classes that related to definite practice areas like securities regulation and financial law, as opposed to the hypothetical laden first year curriculum of torts and contracts.

I need to think you for introducing me to Helium. I've only actually posted two articles (the better of which is on the topic of Politics and Language which you posted on - nice article by you by the way, we definitely interpreted the prompt in different ways, but for how you approached the question, I enjoyed it), but I've written drafts of about another half dozen prompts that I haven't been able to get around to finishing. At least it gets me writing and thinking, even if there isn't always a finished product to show for it.


NewGnome said...

Glad to hear that you're well into your second year of law school. They say that law schools do all they can to get rid of you in the first year. If you make it through the first, then it means you got the creds to continue.

Hope your grades are better than you expect. I was born and raised in a suburb of LA and worked in downtown LA and Hollywood for several years. I know the feeling of a big town. I loved it in some ways, but the freeway traffic is horrendous. I went back just a few months ago and spent a week. Lots of good memories, but give me some space. Used to have to drive across LA to and from work…hate that freeway parking lot.

Helium can be fun and it does give you some feed back. It's always interesting how people respond to the titles. It can be some good practice writing and thinking. The problem is that some of the ratings people give you and drive you nuts.

Let me know your handle on Helium (send it via email) I'd like to follow your articles.

Keep up the good work.