Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dead: Comity, humility, humor, honor, intelligence, listening and hearing are the first deaths in Obama's War on America.

Casualties: Rahm Emanuel is first and will be gone soon. He has been a "dead fish" adviser to Obama and has to go to save even the least bit of comity at the White House so it can work with congress. Emanuel has already faded into the far background. Look for him to announce that he is headed back to the Chicago fish market.

Tim Geithner is next. He was the missing man when Obama launched a full-out war on the banks. Geithner is't quite as stupid and tone deaf as the ever nose-in-the-air Obama. Nor is he so arrogantly narcissistic as Obama, who thinks it 's all and only about him.

And though officially Ben Bernake isn't a member of the Obama administration, he might as well be and his policies have been an utter disaster in helping to create jobs and stability on main street America.

So say good bye. Rahm, Tim and Ben. But even with these three gone, narcissistic arrogance is still the center piece that controls Obama's thinking…along with trying to destroy America and our Constitution.

Obama has no heart…or to quote Sabrina, he's the world's only living heart donor.


Anonymous said...

NG why are these people on the way out?
Are they realizing they have no clue how to get these losers on track or are they looking to replace them with more radicals like Anita Dunn or Valerie Jared?

NewGnome said...

In Obamaworld, only others are to blame. These are they who have to take the slings and arrows...Obama is perfect. Unfortunatley, we may just get some worse replacements.