Monday, January 18, 2010


This is a reminder that George Soros is deep in the middle of a political campaign to elect far-left liberals to fill state offices of secretary of state in the coming elections. This office, in most states, is considered non-partisan and therefore most voters vote for the person.

Soros underhanded plan is to get stealth candidates who are committed to his anti-American, socialist agenda but are flying under the radar of voter vigilance.

Why does Soros think this office is so important, it’s because the secretary of state in States, is the one counting the votes and choosing which votes are tossed out. Remember the Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris who followed Florida law but was over ruled by a highly partisan Florida supreme court, which was ultimately over ruled by the United States Supreme Court.

When Soros realized this, that the secretary of state counts the votes, he adopted the Joseph Stalin concept: “It’s not how many votes there are, it’s who counts the votes.” Secretaries of the various states, COUNT THE VOTES: Thus the Soros “Secretary of State Project” to bring them all under the liberal umbrella.

Soros then launched his own websites and is paying for others which promote the Secretary of state project such as,, media matters and his Open Society Institute which helps fund other sites so Soros name is not associated directly with them.

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