Thursday, January 01, 2009


The oft repeated phrase “power corrupts and absolute corrupts absolutely” is about to be applicable again. Barak Obama is going to have more power that any president since LBJ a Democrat and we know how disastrous his presidency was. He faced an ongoing war when he took office. The economy was straining under the ware costs. A huge anti-war campaign disrupted nearly every aspect of life. Ultimately, under President Richard Nixon, America cut and ran, leaving former allies to die at the hands of the Communists. In addition a domino affect precipitated the “Killing Fields” and millions died.

Today we have a very similar situation. A Democrat is taking the reins of power in the time of war. He has promised to cut and run. The question is can the new Iraqi government handle the potential threat from terrorists. If it does fail, whose fault will it be, George Bush who did everything he could to establish a strong Iraqi Democracy government or will it be Barak Obama’s fault who says he will pull our troops out. At the moment the Iraqi’s are doing well. What will happen with Obama’s less than enthusiastic support.

Our current economic problems have been triggered by policies put into place by Congressman Barney Frank D-MS in combination with Senator Chris Dodd who threatened banks with law suits if they didn’t make loans to unqualified borrowers thus eliminating redlining and exacerbated by Clinton and his appointments of Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, Daniel Mudd and James Johnson at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, all Democrats . That means that a similar scenario is facing Obama. A war he must win but doesn’t want to. Economic pressures he simply doesn’t understand and vitriolic leftists who are getting very nervous about Obama’s willingness to dump them for the solution de jour instead of far left ideologue orthodoxy.

Millions could die if Obama fails to secure Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel and Palestine is a can of poisonous worms and Obama has hinted at his Arab leanings. He is also faced with what amounts to near absolute power. With America’s problems he may not be able to wield his absolute power with care. Obama has already flashed a huge ego with imperial tendencies. Could it be he will be a repeat of LBJ and will Americans again pay a huge price of his absolute power?

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