Thursday, January 29, 2009


Marie Antoinette was alleged to have told Frenchmen “let them eat cake” when there was no bread to eat. She may not of said it, but Barak Obama certainly said let them eat steak at a White House dinner for special guests.

Obama, in the midst of what he is calling the beginning of a depression, is in effect cavalierly saying to Americans “let them eat steak.”

Obama’s White House dinner recently served WAGYU STEAK... $53. per pound in a New York Butcher shop. This is arrogance at a monumental Marie Antoinette level. While Americans are facing what he himself says is an economic disaster and Americans are homeless, Obama and his minions are eating the most expensive steak in the world.

This is Barak Hussein Obama’s Marie Antoinette moment! It’s sick. This is a huge Obama mistake and reveals his complete disconnect from real Americans.


Anonymous said...

Change we can believe in. I heard he keeps the Whitehouse heat up high too because he was raised in a war climate.More Change we can believe in.
Acually what does he do that isn't arrogance?
1 billion for his campaign,250,000 for new Whitehouse sod,150 million for his inauguration. 5 billion to the Acorn Thugs.

NewGnome said...

tos, 5 billion to the nuts...pardon my French...Acorns.