Saturday, January 10, 2009


Do not believe the weather reports, thermometers, mountains of snow, sub-zero temperatures, wind-chill factor, frost bite or any other false information being foisted upon us by GW deniers on plunging global warming, it is in fact getting warmer. Once again, NewsGnome has gone to great lengths to find the truth.

Ice cores have proven conclusively that the snow, ice and snow flakes were, in fact, colder during the little ice age that they are now. The only conclusion that can be draw from these startling facts is that today’s ice, snow and snow flakes are warmer that they were then.

A city by city composite evaluation of snow flake temperatures taken from those that are falling from Detroit to New York is that the flakes falling today are .0037 degrees warmer than those that fell during the last little ice age.



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Anonymous said...

George Soros is behind the scenes pushing the Global Warming agenda all in the name of anti-capitalism and to control us with high energy costs.
He gave the most money to Obama and he wants to make sure Obama follows through for him. Of course he is a billionaire. Isn't that interesting how this guy has a say in American Politics?
In the 60' or 70's the CIA would have taken care of him already.
Now we can forget the CIA doing anything to protect this country.

TheLonelyArtistClub said...
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NewGnome said...

Tos, George Soros has screwed up more things than Wylie Coyote. The problem is one is a cartoon and the other is real life. He has just about destroyed countries with his monetary speculation and he's trying to do the same with America. The guy is a major menace. NG

NewGnome said...


You’re going to get mad at me so I am willing to take the slings and arrows. The snowflake temperature post is my parody of the “global warming” issue. It is a total figment of my imagination. I hate to say this but you bit-the-bullet on the joke. My snowflake premise was ridiculous to begin with. That was my point.

Sorry to have taken you in, but it is my way of pointing out that for the past ten years the temperatures have gone down not up. I could get into a long dissertation about the whys but as you say it’s pretty pointless. I have collected extensive research on global warming so I have a pretty good idea what’s happening in the field. But, I’d either discuss other things that I consider more important and more interesting.

The constitutional question is, on the other hand, a very interesting problem. I am far from a constitutional scholar, but I’m aware that the founding fathers argued whether to include the first 10 amendments as part of the constitution or not, and if they were not included, were they somehow less important than the constitution. What they did by deciding to make them amendments, I believe, is establish the efficacy or validity of the amendment process. And all sides seemed to be satisfied.

I believe it could be argued that the first ten amendments have proved to be equal if not superior is some ways to the Constitution,
certainly it attention. Seems that most of the constitution is settled but we argue constantly about issues in the amendments, freedom of speech and gun ownership rights being the most obvious.

As for the rest of the amendments, it would be easy to question their equality but if we do not give amendments equal value to the Constitution, and they become “second class” citizens so to speak, nullifying their meaning and impact. I think much of the conflict that we wrestle with is the fact that many of the amendments deal not with process but with human issues....our freedoms and rights etc. Humanity has been arguing those since the beginning of time. And although this sounds a lot like a cop-out, I think there are issues that simply don’t lend themselves to be carved-in-stone answers. That having been said, I believe just having the faith to accept the amendments as equal to the weight of the constitution is my best argument.

Their “weight” can be defined by time. If they stand the test of time, they are equal, in my judgement, if not, they are not. I think “prohibition” was a good example of what I mean. It obviously did not stand the tend of time and was eliminated. The civil war (civil rights) amendments seem to me to have weathered the storm and have proven themselves to be equal.

More importantly, it is amazing to me how well the fundamental issues in the Constitution have stood up to our changing world. I think the fundamental concepts of the Constitution face the most potentially devastating devaluation with the issues Obama espouses since the founding of our country, even more than the civil war, because we are choosing between democracy and socialism.