Monday, January 26, 2009


Barak Obama’s economic stimulus package is an abject failure. It has not stimulated the economy and he himself has said that the economy is going deeper and deeper into depression, even with him at the helm.

Obviously, Obama’s perpetual and constant doom and gloom scenario is what is pushing the economy down. I, of course, totally support the president. I just don’t support his policies. It is sad that he has been so wrong on everything and his proposals are too little and too late.

Lest you don’t like my conclusions about Obama’s failures, just consider Harry Reid’s pronouncement that the Iraqi surge failed before it even started. I’m just following his example of prognosticating the future with no evidence. It’s a liberal practice I am adopting in criticizing Obama. I think that’s only fair.



Anonymous said...

The only stimulus the dems want is another 50 years of unbridled power. Obama already wants tougher emission standards for cars. Now the working poor who can't afford a new car will be paying $90.00 for their inspections. You know the poor they always use as the victims?
Just goes to show it's really not about the people but about the power.

NewGnome said...

Tos, Most of the proposals in the stimulus package will increase the cost of cars. Electric car need energy too which is created mostly by coal. I find that rather hypocritical to try to stop oil and just shift to another carbon fuel. But then when have liberal enviros ever made sense.