Friday, November 07, 2008


There is a lot of noise on the blogs about how Obama supporters are going to have buyers remorse when they begin to experience the secret and dictatorial actions this man and the thugs who surround him are planning. As he has in the past, he will use the same dishonest, cheating ways in the White House as he did in leading ACORN and illegal foreign campaign fund raising, the institution of a security services force which will act as the SS did, and the effort to completely control all sources of communication ala George Orwell and “1984.”

I disagree. The Obama voters saw only one thing, COLOR and they wanted to be seen voting for a black man with no experience thus assuaging their guilt. These Obama supporters who have ignored his blatant attacks on the constitution in his rhetoric, will not so much as squeak when he socializes America. They will applaud. They will be taxed no matter what their income. They will make excuses and justifications. They will stand it awe at how audaciously he crushes his opposition (which has already started) and these blind voters will secretly hope that they don’t become targets. They will say nothing. They will do nothing. But they will be extremely uncomfortable in secret.

I believe Obama is probably the most surprised person in America that he won. He didn’t realize it would be so easy to steal the Democrat nomination from Hillary. I’m convinced that Obama expected Hillary to win. That he, during the interim, would solidify his experience and be at a good age to run at the end of her presidency.

Obama voters will, in effect, be his amen chorus in dismantling American freedom and power in the world. Nothing will be too obnoxious. Nothing will be too socialistic. Nothing will be too far leftist. Nothing will be too anti-American as long as Obama is doing it.

He has said what he is going to do. The only difference is that it will be done more sub-rosa, under the table and behind your back than ever expected. The far leftists who continue to support him will complain not that he is attempting to decimate his “enemies” but that the decimation is not the lead story on the nightly news.

Freedom of Speech will be the first to be attacked..
Gun rights will be close behind to take the next hit.
Personal attacks on doubters will be rampant.
Obama turncoat critics will be smashed viciously.
The “loyal opposition” will be cynically attacked as unpatriotic.
Tolerance for those who disagree will not be tolerated.
Racism will be aimed at any critic just as in the election.
Taxes, Taxes and more Taxes will be front and center.

So the noise is false. There will be no critiques of Obama from voters who elected him because they have been first hand observers of his brutal nature and as the Germans did with Adolph Hitler, will be silent.

Some believe that the economic crisis will keep reigns on him and not allow him to take the socialistic measures he prefers to implement. I believe the opposite. I believe he will use the crisis as the excuse to impose some of the most stringent leftist policies ever attempted in America just as FDR did.



Anonymous said...

It will be the "Dear Leader" syndrome. Millions will be jobless and starving but the great one is so great no one will care.
Amazing how the media "created" Obama to be the prfect candidate and made Palin look so bad becuse they didn't want her to be the upcoming Republican star and divert from Obama's title of the democrat's upcoming star.
Rush said it best "The State Run Media"

NewGnome said...

Lots of broken promises are the only possibility for Obama. But I think you're right...with the help of the media, they'll start the excuses immediately.