Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If Barack Obama would have been honest and explained that the change he was proposing was really just changing back to the Clinton administration maybe things would have been different. Most of his appointments are Clinton people. What he doesn’t realize is the Clinton people will attempt to undermine him, which I would appreciate, just to get the Clintons back in the White House. It's always a good idea when Democrats destroy Democrats for power. It shows their true colors. And I thought Obama won the election.

I have next door neighbors who are big Obama supporters and activists in the Democrat party. They’re old hippies from the 60 and 70s who go to “Burning Man” and whose main goal in life was to vote for a black man for president. During the 15 years we’ve lived beside them, he has been laid off probably five times during the best of economic years of Clinton and Bush . I understand why they support government intervention. They are unable to exist without government help. It is the nature of liberals to want government bailout not only on a national level but on a personal level. In other words, they must be supported by others to survive. Unfortunately, they want everybody else to have to rely on government to survive.

I’d like to confront the women whose statements on YouTube about Obama paying for her mortgage and gas bills a year from now, ask her if Obama has been paying her bills. If not, I'd like to here her explanation of why Obama is reneging on the promise she believed he made to her. I can guarantee she will either deny saying what she said, or say that because Bush made such a mess of the economy Obama wasn’t able to keep his promise. The excuses will be legion.

For the next four years, at least, the news media will form the fundamental foundation for all excuses and become the Obombers explaining his inevitable failures. The American people will have to decide if we are national socialists with government ownership of the economy or if we are free citizens with a democratic republic.


Anonymous said...

"Change" is a word, just a word. Obama was well scripted and stupid Americans fell for the rhetoric.
Did you see that You Tube video where this guy interviewed Obama supporters? They are dumb and clueless and now they are going to have live with their vote.
The only thing we can hope for is that Obama doesn't carry out his socialist policies especially in this climate. He'd hate to have his "historical" presidency be an "historical" failure.

NewGnome said...

TOS, Check out my latest post on change. I hope you're right that we won't get the socialism he seems determined to implement.

Saw the clueless people on YouTube. Amazing.