Thursday, October 09, 2008


Obama consorts with terrorists, Chicago thugs and hires the very people at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that have helped destroy our economy.
Obama supports ACORN who has been cheating in registering voters for years....and has registered one person 12 times according to newspaper reports.
Obama has announced he will spend more than 1-trillion dollars on new government spending if elected.

And you expect him to make good judgments in resolving the economic crisis that these people who support him created. Raines, Ayers, Franklin, Jackson, and I-hate-America Michelle. It’s a good laugh...hold onto your wallet, freedom and peace....Obama will destroy them all.


Anonymous said...

this guy is not US presidential material. I love the way the media redefines everyything he says.
If a republican had any of these connectons the media would be having a field day with it.

NewGnome said...

It's going to be a bleak 4 years with Obama as president and he undoubtedly try destroy capitalism if he is elected. I love the way women have dismissed the way he destroyed Hillary Clinton with his minions and now focuses on Palin rather than his opponent McCain. Have you seen the tee-shirts his supporters are wearing that read "Palin is a C_nt!" So much for being Mr. nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Obama supporters are real nice people. I heard about those tee-shirts. But of course it's irrelevant because they aren't McCain supporters. Notice how the media never shows that stuff?
He threw Hillary under the bus. Of course they figured a guy with no experience had a better shot because he can read a telepromnpter well and he's "different".
At least that's what Obama said.
As sson as this campaign started I knew no matter what anyone says it will be deemed racist. Hey we'd be doing thte same thing to Hillary and if you wanted to see real vitriol from the left imagine if Michael Steele or Colin Powell or for that matter Bobby Jindal were the republican candidate. We's see real racism but of course the media would downplay that as well.
The media used to love McCain now all of a sudden he's the Anti-Christ.
The left is so obvious if they weren't so sad they'd be funny.