Friday, October 31, 2008


In the past few days, Barak Obama has inadvertently began to reveal a side of himself, that has been well hidden until now. He is showing himself to be very dictatorial, assumptive, and has begun to count his eggs before their hatched. American's really don't like that.

It's interesting how assuming you've won puts people off. Especially those who have been on the fence, watching a man act in an amazingly Mercurial way, kicking reporters off his plane because their newspapers endorsed McCain, planning his staff before the vote, calling people selfish who don't want higher taxes and a slew of other assumptions.

Americans are getting scared of Obama's sense of entitlement. It makes a dictator of a man as egotistical and inexperienced as he.


Anonymous said...

Here's something else to ponder NG. Reminiscent of the air raid drill they used to have in schools only this time the teachers will be telling the students that we deserve it.


NewGnome said...

Obama supporters are watching him say these things and all they can see is the color of his skin and they want to assuage their guilt. They aren't listening to him or they would be scared to death. If America is forced to go to war again will be because of his failures, even if it's after his administration, just like Clinton's failures produced 911 and we paid for it after he was gone.