Monday, October 20, 2008


It assumes that because it is liberal it is intellectually superior, by far, to all others minds.

It assumes that its inherent humanistic tendencies are morally superior to any other value system.

It assumes it is more compassionate and by definition its resultant solutions inherently better for humanity but uses no standard measurement by which to compare.

It assumes it has the inherent right, nay the responsibility, to make decisions for others because they are not capable of making decisions for themselves.

It assumes a holier than thou persona based solely on its own internal emotional self-righteousness.

It assumes that all its judgments based solely on its own internal evaluations and not on empirical data are, just by the origin of their formation, indisputable.

It assumes that once it makes an evaluation there is no argument, thought, discussion or opinion worthy of further evaluation.

It assumes any and all solutions it creates always solve the problem in question but abhors and rejects subsequent changes to its solutions, even in the face of glaring failures.

It assumes that it is never wrong and any other mind is never right.

It assumes, for no valid reason, that it has the right to be the single judge of the quality of its own intellect and that all other intellects are inferior because they are not liberal.

It assumes its thoughts descend from a higher plain.

And finally, it assumes that there is no higher source of intellectual thought than the liberal mind, even though that conclusion is antithetical to simple logic.

In short it is, again by definition, the most closed mind in existence because it engages with the temerity of undeniability that it assumes itself to be the ultimate source of rational human thought…or that it is, by its own ultimate arrogance, the God of this earth.


Anonymous said...

And if you question them they will sick the media and the IRS on you.
The so-called party of everything they claim to be is the total opposite.
The party of fear they truly are.

NewGnome said...

FDR said "all we have to fear, is fear itself." He should have said all we have to fear is the Democrat party. Even Joe Biden agrees with that, claiming that we will be attacked because Obama is a light-weight. Finally Biden was actually telling the truth. NG

Warren said...

Are you going to post the conservative mind as well? ... A quarter to flip isn't any good with heads and tails my friend.

NewGnome said...

W....this post isn't a coin,it's an opinion blog. I may or may not publish a conservative mind post. You sound like a dedicated liberal. Do it from your point of view, on own your blog. I'm sure it will reflect your obvious point of view and include you link. I'd be interested in reading it.

I'll respond to your other comments as I have time.


Anonymous said...

It's alright warren, I'll post the conservative mind for you:

I love the Conservative Mind:

It assumes that any source of information or knowledge that does not validate it is inherently biased, incorrect, or part of a conspiracy theory.

It assumes that there is absolutely no use in talking about things. Action is always superior to discussion.

It assumes that terrorists are a finite quality, and that once that finite quality is dead, then there will be no terrorism.

Because of that, it assumes that any military intelligence suggesting that terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda are regaining strength simply can't be true.

It assumes that soldiers die for our freedoms while their deployment actually cripples are economy and forces greater economic controls which it in turn fears.

It assumes that fear is the primal motive of the American mind, and on this it is likely correct.

It assumes Reagan was the best President because it feared the communists, and because the USSR collapsed opposite Reagan, although it fails to realize that Reagan accomplished this by spending more than the Democrats would have ever done.

It assumes that people who have no money have no value.

It assumes that we should have small government while simultaneously supporting laws against abortion, gay marriage and free speech which actually increase the governmental control over individuals.

It assumes that because all news sources are inherently biased, it is better to remain completely uneducated and base all opinions on personal intuition and not on an expansion of knowledge.

Because of this, it assumes that all ideological disputes should be shortened to accusations of the other side being anti-american and socialist.

it assumes that because Reagan is the ideal, and Reagan fought the communists, it is appropriate to use the terms socialist and communist, not only interchangeably when they actually represent different views, but that is an insult.


Rob_in_the_ATX said...

I really don't want to get pejorative, but NG, you are an asshole. Here you are, claiming to post your opinions in order to provoke a response, and then, when you get a response, you ignore what is said and presume to know the mindset and opinions of people who respond. If you want your opinions, fine, have them. But don't claim to provoke discussion and then insult everyone who attempts to have that discussion.

NewGnome said...

Rob, I didn't ignore what you said I explained my opinion clearly. You just didn't like that the truth of the problem is ACORN and illegal foreign donations Obama is taking, not considering the illegal use of other people's credit cards to raise money.


NewGnome said...

Sorry Lonely, but your "conservative mind" comment doesn't measure up to the intellectual level you claim to inhabit.

But I'm flattered that you'd use the format I created...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks. NG.

Rob_in_the_ATX said...

well, you have still failed to post or respond to the comment i made on your constitution opinion. Perhaps you just didn't like the truth about the McCain/Palin campaign, and the insult to America it perpetuates.

But i know why you are angry. You are angry because you are losing. You are angry, because even if you are completely right about ACORN (i do not believe you are), and you take off every person they've ever registered, you are still losing. Your ideas are losing. People are rejecting the Neo-Con philosophy, and turning to something different, something that, while it might not be a good solution, is at least not the failure we already know. You're on the losing side. So you are angry, and desperate, and are lashing out, instead of attempting to make rational points. It would be sad, except for the fact that the only person your opinion matters to is you. so you've got that going for you, which is nice.

NewGnome said...

Am I angry that a socialistic organization is attempting to steal an election and destroy the Constitution. Yes! Am I angry that a supposedly intelligent person as yourself is actively ignoring that any organization is buying voters and you don’t care? Yes!

And you’re woefully ill-informed if you think that the number of voters they’ve registered is unimportant. In Ohio the State Democrat Registrar had squirreled away 200,000 pre-cast highly suspicious registrations she didn’t tell anyone about until she was forced to, which could easily change the outcome in a battleground state.

And because McCain spoke at ACORN says a lot about his stupidity which is frequently on display and doesn't change one bit that they are a socialistic arm of the Obama campaign.

If a conservative organization were doing what ACORN is doing you’d be having a cow, but because it’s your side ceating, you excuse it, and that is precisely my point.

The fact you don’t accept that as a valid explanation is evidence you really don’t care if Obama is cheating. Obama taking foreign is unimportant to you but if it were McCain you’d be apoplectic.

If I’m the only one who cares about my opinion why are you trying to change it with your comments. Actually, you and I make at least two who care about my opinion, Lonely, is trying to change my mind and Warren and TOS seems to want to get their opinion posted which I appreciate so I think you need to hold up more than the middle finger and start counting again.

If Obama wins, America will be on the losing side, not me. I hope you’re too old for the Draft because I predict Obama will reinstate it within 15 months of his administration because I think Biden is right. America or one of our allies will be attacked and Obama won't know what to do but talk.

Will your name be on the draft list? Yes!

NewGnome said...

RATA, you don't want to get pejorative and you start the name calling in probably two sentences...give me a break, or don't you consider calling me a Neo-con pejorative.

NewGnome said...

Lonely, for someone who considers himself an intellectual you really blew the "Conservative Mind" comment. It was written in the specific and should have been written in the abstract as I did. So it fails the comparison test but I'll give you a C- on it anyway.