Thursday, October 23, 2008


An Iranian governmental official yesterday has said they should plan to attack Israel. If that’s done with Obama as President, what is he going to do, ignore it? Boy that’s a scary thought. It would be an Obama instigated Holocaust. Or what if China attacks Taiwan? Or Russia attacks Uzbekistan? Is he going to “sit down" and talk them out of it and say “play nice boys.” What a lightweight. He has never had to make an important decision in his life, with the exception of his running mate and he chose Biden, and what a mistake that was.

Biden has had an aneurysm which could kill him an any moment as it just about did Ted Kennedy. But Biden is right about one thing, our enemies view Obama as an inexperienced lightweight whom they will test and I predict that Obama will come up short and have to respond by re-instituting the draft within 15 months of his inauguration.

Obama had a difficult time with the "vision thing."

He said the surge would fail. It succeeded.

He said having ACORN push sub-prime loans would succeed. It failed and destroyed our economy.

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