Friday, August 03, 2007


Well, Well, Well! Democrats through their wild-eyed bloggers have been trying to stop the Patriot Act phone-tapping of suspected and known terrorists outside the US that make calls into America, or calls from inside America to other countries where these suspected terrorists reside.

But guess what. NewsMax published a Reuters story saying a judge secretly squelched the phone tapping and that Congress, led by Democrats, are trying with President Bush to reinstate the phone tapping provision.

And you Ameriphobes bloggers on the left thought your Democrats were doing your bidding. As it turns out Congress, again led by Democrats, appear ready to officially write the phone tapping into the FISA law. So we’ll be able to listen to terrorists planning to kill Americans after all . Will the hypocrisy of the Democrat left never end.

By the way, if there is a call from a terrorist to someone in the US suggesting the suicide bombing of Sean Penn, may I suggest that HSA take the opportunity to not listen to that call.


Anonymous said...

So now they are for wire tapping and before they were against it. I guess they have to make sure which direction the wind is blowing before they speak.Thought you gave up blogging. Welcome back. Don't even get me started on Sean Penn that communist loving liberal jerk.

NewGnome said...

TOS, Been in the middle of a time consuming project. Haven't had a chance to blog much. They've become so Ameriphobic and hateful of Bush, they are just plain emotionally sick. NG