Saturday, August 04, 2007


I’ve finally figured out why Muslim elders are so anxious to have their young men become suicide bombers. It took a lawsuit in Canada about a polygamist off-shoot of Mormonism to make it clear.

Here’s the logic...Islam allows for each man to have four wives. However, birth rates show that approximately 101 to 102 boy babies are born to every 100 girls babies. Muslims seem to want to kill off their girls for every imagined infraction, so these Muslim elders have to be very aggressive in eliminating competition for females.

So the problem is how do the Islamic elders get rid of the excess boys so they can have their four wives...simple, declare a jihad, have a war, strap bombs to the younger Muslim men and vaporize about 25 percent with C-4 wrapped around their body or on the battle field playing mortar catcher.

The breakaway Mormon sect in Canada, just sends their younger men away so there are more “girls” and women for the older men. The Muslims are doing the same thing...just the Muslim boys are totally eliminated.

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