Sunday, July 15, 2007


Anyone who believes the new"fuzzy" picture is of the Osama bin Laden is blindfolded with his/her head in a place where the sun doesn't shine.

The FAKE OSAMA picture is fuzzy and dark on purpose. The pictures are NOT of the same person!!! As a sculptor, it's obvious to me. In particular, notice the eyebrows. Focus on the way the eyebrows go across the face and their relationships to the beginning of the bridge of the nose and in specifically the left eyebrow. Notice where the eyebrows end above the bridge of the nose. Also notice the beard on the left cheek. And most of all the eye sockets and nose.

In fact, the "new" picture of Osama is of a much younger man. It was allegedly taken recently, within the last month or so. I would estimate, he is at least 8 to ten years younger than the pictures of bin Laden ten years ago, despite the "added grey" in the beard. The first picture on my post is an FBI "Most Wanted" photo. Even in that picture, it is obvious, that he is older than the "new" picture which should have added at least 10 to 15 years, because the FBI picture was posted for the Africian Embassy bombings, not 911.

It's also obvious that OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. If Al Qaeda cannot produce a clear, IN FOCUS, well lighted picture of the real murderous bin Laden in 30 days they will have proved Osama is rotting 6-feet under.



Anonymous said...

There is no "War on Terror" anyway it's just a bumper sticker.

NewGnome said...

Maybe we should start a war on bumpers. But the fibs wouldn't want that either. NG

imsmall said...


Recall that the conception of
Al-Qaeda was made by
The West, imposed as from above,
Nor incidentally
A word which has no origin
In any other tongue--
It matters how such things begin,
The notion fully-sprung.

Wherefore it´s wise to keep in mind
The structure as imagined,
The entity, was not designed
To fill a mental pageant,
So thereby every thought may be
Imperfect, inexact,
Wrong to a greater--or less--degree,
And that, dear, is the fact.

(It is suggested that this chap
Osama yet remains
In our employ--perhaps claptrap--
With Cheney at the reins,
Not linked to the amorphous batch
Of cells we call al-Qaeda,
More devious plans so as to hatch
Than thought of by Darth Vader.)

imsmall said...


Before the "shock and awe" Sadaam
Appeared upon TV,
They said "it´s an imposter" but
It wasn´t plain to see.

So when a video appears
With one using the name
Osama looking different so
They say "it is the same."

How to believe the pundits when
My own eyes are not blind?
They can be fooled--but then again
So many foolers find
Themselves as pundits on TV
(Excluding not the "Networks Three").

NewGnome said...

Dear I-M-Small, I'd suggest staying with comments cause you ain't gunna get anywhere writing poetry. NG

NewGnome said...

This poem is my response to a posting of commentor IMSMALL. He dishonestly blames the creation of Al Qaeda on Vice President Richard Cheney not those who really are to blame. He aggressively ignores the very words of Osama bin Laden.

Al Qaeda, the child of Islam, was allowed creation
and facilitated by presidential inattentive arrogance and a blue dress.
It started with a bomb in the WTC basement, six dead Americans with many hurt, a bloody mess.

Al Qaeda learned a lesson in Somalia, kill Americans and they will
run. Osama bin Laden wrote the manual... hurt them and they will run...and that’s what America
The president ordered the soldiers out, 18 dead Marines some dragged through Mogadishu streets meant nothing...Clinton said, “we’re done.”

Al Qaeda - bin Laden took note...and he was congratulated when in 1996 the Khobar Towers fell and 19 young American soldiers died...”thank you,” Osama was praised, for those American dead.
And Clinton acquiesced and failed to demand resolution from the Saudis, we shall not demand recompense nor honor our own, he said.

Al Qaeda chose two for death...Kenya and Nairobi...and they died by the hundreds, Americans and Muslims side by side and Osama called the operation Kaaba (as in Mecca.)
“Bomb the aspirin factory and fire missiles at a camel,” Clinton ordered: “avenge America,” now where’s Monica.

Al Qaeda attacked by land and next found the USS Cole in the Port of Aden, Yemeni and 17 American Sailors dies...and it took President Bush to get the ring leader by a drone.
Sadly, Clinton demurred and looked for more women to conquer denying the terrorism and this horny hound again would claim... “this is a police action” and would then moan.

So IMSMALL would blame the murderous Al Qaeda on America not the two men who made it possible, Osama bin Laden and Bill Clinton.
Innocent Americans died at the hand of Allah, by the acquiescence of silent Muslims and the violence of Islamofacists, and guess who wants to lead us again...another Clinton.

Al Qaeda took the lessons learnt at the fleeing feet of Bill and turned them into flying bombs that took the blood of 3000 Americans each innocent.
IMSMALL blames everyone but those who should be blamed. He is sick with the sickness of hating America. Repent IMSMALL, Repent!