Monday, August 27, 2007


When Hillary’s husband was elected president she had all the federal attorneys general throughout the 50 states fired and hired her own people. Not one word was said about the firings from the main stream media even though several investigations into her and her husband’s dealings were squelched as a result.

When President Bush fired just 8 federal attorneys general, the fiberals had a cow. Which brings up a an interesting question.

If Hillary is elected president, will she do exactly what she had her husband do in 1992... fire all attorneys general in all 50 states and if she does, will there be the hue and cry that we saw with the firing of just 8 during Bush’s administration?

Let me give you a hint...they’ll all get fired, unless they’re still left over from the previous Clinton administration and each swears an oath not to investigate Hillary, especially in the Peter Paul case where she is accused of campaign violations, and there won’t be one peep from the mainstream media. Furthermore, the impotent Republicans won’t say anything either. Far be it from Republicans to complain about corruption among the Democrats.


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Anonymous said...

Yep no investigations on the oh so powerful Clintons.
I really wish the republicans would grow a spine.