Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, what’s it been....two months with the Democrats in power? And what’s happening....the stock market is going down the toilet, housing the taking a dump, the increased minimum wage has lowered the number of workers hired, and Hate-ocrats are out to investigate everything in the Administration instead of getting the serious issues facing our government resolved.

Believe it or don’t, there are some glimmers of hope from Iraq with the new policy of cleaning out the idiot terrorists imported from outside the country to cause death and destruction. Locals are starting to identify foreign insurgents in Baghdad and elsewhere in the country. Perhaps, the Iraqis too, are tired of the death squads and would like to live their lives in peace and freedom.

But don’t think that the American fiberal left will stand still for America winning the Iraq campaign. They will and are doing everything they can to have America lose the war and all for the sake of their personal power. They might as well have Osama bin Laden running their foreign policy.

Luckily, so far, the Fibs, haven’t been able to do anything meaningful. The glacial-paced Senate has stifled much of the wide-eyed Pelosi led house. Hillary Clinton’s eyes too are getting just as wild-eyed as Pelosi’s because an upstart half-black and half white guy is showing her for what she is, a bitter, take-no-enemies, would-be dictator with zero personal appeal and a lust for power that matches Adolph’s.

So, despite the fiberal effort at destroying the economic, not all is bad, but sadly, the price we are going to pay is going to be very high.



Anonymous said...

Sir please comment on Ann Coulter's use of the word "faggot." If this is what the conservatives have in store, I want no part of them or the liberals for that matter. Who is running independent in 08?

NewGnome said...

Your question projects one person’s stupidity onto a whole group. That is illogicial. Just yesterday Bill Maher said he’s sorry VP Dick Cheney had not been murdered by the bomber in Afghanistan.

Which is worse sticks and stones names, or the desire to have our leaders murdered. I doubt that Maher was pleased when either Kennedy or Martin Luther King were assassinated.

If you chose to make your political judgements based on what peripheral political characters say, you can’t never vote for anyone, independents included. NG

Anonymous said...

Did you see the web site John Edwards was campaiging on called "second life"? It is all full of on line games featuring pedophiles,homosexuals,drug dealings and all things "progressive".
Gee so Ann Coulter makes a remark but we have to remember the Whoopie Goldberg references she make to "Bush". But they defend that because she's a comedien and Ann Coulter does not represent the Republican Party.I guess it's only okay for Liberals to make these type of references.
Romney in '08

NewGnome said...

tos, fiberals do and say anything but aren't held accountable as the alleged MS media demand of conservatives. Just more double standard left-wing tripe. NG