Tuesday, March 06, 2007


How pathetic! Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald did such a poor job in his prosecution of Scooter Libby, the jurors can’t even figure out what Libby’s crime was supposed to have been. Since no one was indicted for any crime relating to Libby's prosecution, how could he be guilty of a crimeless crime. But hate-filled Fiberal Fitzgerald illustrates the hate-politics that drives fiberal Democrats.

The one thing about the Libby trial proves about fiberals is they are vindictive for the sake of vindictiveness. Their vindictiveness was evident in the vicious and rabid attack by Hillary Rodumb Clinton on Barack Hussein Obama, for something another person said. It tells you a lot about how fiberals turn cannibalistic and eat their own when they can’t kill the enemy. Ironically, it's the same situation with Islamofacists. They are having a hard time killing Americans, so they kill their own brothers and sisters. It's a hate sickness that both they and fiberal Democrats have.



Anonymous said...

Mark Rich ring a bell? What a circus. Fitzgerald knew he had no case so he went after the fall guy because he had nothing else. I would have to say guilty by association. Gee NG, do you recall the details of every conversation you had 3 years ago?
And where is Tim Russerts conviction?

NewGnome said...

And what about Armitage? NG

supplymadam said...
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