Wednesday, March 28, 2007


American Muslims demand religious deference but refuse the same to any non-Muslim American. In Michigan, a group of Detroit Airport Islamic cab drivers have and are continuing to refuse to transport anyone carrying a bottle of wine or any other alcoholic beverage. What if a passenger wearing a yarmulka requests transport, will the Muslim cabbies be allowed to refuse passage? Airport authorities have capitulated to Muslim demands and are allowing the impudent Muslims to discriminate against certain Americans. If that’s the case, the passenger should be allowed to discriminate too. I wonder how long will it be before Muslim cabbies have a right to deny a ride to anyone carrying a bible or other religious book.

I say, let the marketplace decide. If a Muslim cab driver refuses to transport certain passengers, identify those cabs who are allowed to discriminate. Then, if a passenger decides not to use a Muslim driver and demands another cabby so be it. The Muslim driver should then be returned to the rear of the cab line and wait for a passenger who is willing to accept the cabby’s restrictions. I don’t believe it’s right for Muslims to break American law and force their religion on me if I am not allowed to force my religion on them. Apparently, the Airport authority doesn’t agree and allows discrimination. We have Fair Housing laws...why not Fair Cab laws?



Anonymous said...

In the Muslim Religion they are against drinking,not carrying it. They are driving a wedge in this country and I think it's time for some lawsuits on our end for a change.
Plus let's not forget the prayers they have in Detroit over a loudspeaker 3x a day. Oh yeah they're not Christians.

NewGnome said...

Right, only Christians can be demeaned, belittled and discriminated against...but don't try it with Muslims, even radical Muslims. Forgot about the prayer sound polution. Good Point. NG