Friday, March 16, 2007


Do you believe in “global warming” or “climate change? Have you breathlessly watched as Al Gore in his Oscar winning big lie called an “Inconvenient Truth” spout faulty science and soaked it in as equivalent to the four gospels, Quran, Mao’s little Red Book, Anarchists Anonymous, or anti-capitalist, America or democracy all rolled into one. Well fear not folks, there is another side to the story and Al forgot to mention a few important things that impact the climate...among others minor things like the sun.

Now if you have, have you ever listened to the other side of the story? Do you have the guts to watch the British Channel 4 anecdote to “greengoritis”? You could save your sanity from the demand of fiberal propaganda demanded by the left.

Definition - greengoritis: noun; an infectious disease that renders those infected unable to deny all scientific fact that does not conform to environmentalist demands espoused by Al Gore and a host of “green” scientists (who are trying to keep their research grants from governments flowing in that all-important color “green” cash.)

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