Sunday, September 17, 2006


***Howard Dean uses a racially charged comment that if there were no hotel staff member at Republican conventions there would be no one of color at the event. That’s racist!
*** is a Democrat/wild-eyed liberal repository of anti-Semitic bile that is putrid.
***White Maryland Senate Candidate Rep. Benjamin Cardin had a staffer using the words “Oreo Cookies” in reference to Lt. Governor Michael Steele, the “black” Republican candidate for the senate.
***A blog post also written by the offending Cardin staffer included a passage describing Cardin's friends as "large men with strong, loud voices and Jewish noses."
Jesse Jackson (a so-called “reverend”) calls New York “Hymie Town.” An anti-Semitic slur against Jews.
***Tom Baker, a blogger on BringItOn, along with many other contributors to BIO frequently use the term “Neocons” when referring to staff members of the George W. Bush Administration. It’s just a code word for Jews and thus another anti-Semitic leftist slur.
***Louis Farrakhan is a consistent anti-Semitic, Caucasian hating, Christian bigot who dumps on everybody who is not an Islamic Black. But I kind of forgive poor ol’ Louie......he has his plan to escape American’s anti-black biases orbiting earth in the form of the “mothership,” a ship only he can see. It does reveal his, well shall we say, proclivities in an interesting perspective.
***Another BringItOn contributor, Paul Merda, regularly rants against Christians and Jewish religious traditions inhis posts, except, of course, Islamofacists because they’re just defending themselves against the evil American President George W. Bush. He is a virulent anti-Christian bigot.
***Rosie O’Donnell compares fundamental Christians to Islamofacists who use suicide bombers to kill their own innocent Muslim women, children, and men. She does this on national television on the View, and pressured ABC to dump a black women in favor of a white lesbian, herself. Rosie is both a religious bigot and a racist.
***Robert Byrd, West Virginia Democrat Senator was a member of the KKK and recently referred to certain Republicans as “White Niggers.” He has never really taken off the white robes of the KKK and is a racist.
***John Kerry called American soldiers terrorists in Iraq. He is an anti-American bigot.
***George Soros says Americans are Nazis while he nearly destroyed a whole country's economy with his money trading. He's a bigot against Americans

NewsGnome could go on for pages but what’s the use. Anti-Semitism, racism, anti-Christian bigotry and hatred of America among alleged Americans is rampant among Democrats and is fed by the venomous hatred of the radical left who have taken over the Democrat Party.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. And who is the party of hate? They prefer America stands back and takes it like they have always done. Good Little America,good girl. Now no fighting back if someone hits you because we need to set an example for the rest of the hate that that exists in the world.
They wouldn't know a nuke if it hit them in the face.

Anonymous said...

Congressional Black Caucus endorses Millions More Movement

Lieberman says he is open to meeting Farrakhan

What does Farrakhan think?