Sunday, September 03, 2006


The American left must resort to lies to succeed in trying to win elections. Their clarion call to rally their Moveon-Democrats is that the Bush economy is no where near as good as the Clinton economy.

Turns out it’s another Moveon-Democrat fiberal lie. The Bush economy is actually better than Clinton’s, if you consider Bush has had to handle the economy with the impact of 911, Katrina, Rita, Indonesian Tsunami, Afghanistan, Iraq and a variety of other monumental difficulties. The biggest disaster Clinton had to face was a 21-year-old wearing thong panties. He ignored the important things like the first WTC attack, USS Cole, embassy bombings, and Khobar Towers and refused to take Osama bin Laden when he was offered on a silver platter. Clinton is the worst president through which this country has ever had to suffer, bar none.

Despite problems foisted upon America, The Bush economy has equaled, or bettered much of the touted Clinton bubble economy. See the Treasury Department’s forthcoming report, previewed on Online Opinion Journal.

The American Mainstream Media is trying to help in the Clinton prevarications amplified by the left. Isn’t it sad that the Democrat party sinks to LIES, LIES and more LIES in an effort to gain political power. They’re willing to try to destroy America or allowed it to be destroyed in order to try to take power. Democrats are sicker than I have ever seen in my life time. Their direction is utter madness.


Anonymous said...

If this was the economy under Clinton they would be forever praising what a good job he was doing. I don't recall anyone making minumum wage being able to support a family on that.

Anonymous said...

oh that was me, tos

NewGnome said...

No question about it, TOS, Clinton was praised, but it was a fake economy and the lose when the bubble burst was 8 trillion (yes, that's trillion) in paper money of the Clinton years. Bush was able to pull us out of that with his policies even in the face of 911 and all that followed.

By the way, The minimum wage was never supposed to have been a wage on which to support a family. It is an entry level wage. We haven't changed the minimum wage in years and it hasn't stoppped the economy...infact around my neck-of-the-woods I've seen at least 50-hiring signs. A major hi-tech corporation just announced 1800 new workers whose average salaries were announced to be more than $50,000 each.

By the way, I've posted a couple of comments on Windspike on BIO and he doesn't want to present facts, just parrot fiberal talking points. NG

Anonymous said...

Also NG under Clinton we had a Republican Congress who was more responsible for balancing the budget. Another fact they sweep under the table or just do what they normally do,pretend it didn't exist so they can continue to put their "Golden Boy" on a pedestal.

NewGnome said...

I frequently wonder what the Clinton economy would have looked like had the Republicans not done their balancing act that saved ol' BJ Bill...exceptionally good point...TOS.