Friday, September 15, 2006


It is becoming more and more apparent that Fiberals and Dumocrats would rather defeat George W. Bush (who, by the way, is not running) than defeat the terrorists who killed innocent people on American soil, and in American assets, and embassies.

Sean Penn, a paragon of intellectual insipid idiocy, fears on "Larry King Live" that the success in the war on terror credited to President George W. Bush, will bring fascism to America.

I hate to tell Mr. Penn that fascism is and has been here in the form of Islamofacists who flew planes into the World Trade Centers, Pentagon and ground of Pennsylvania. But in Penn’s world of feelings and emotions, these atrocities never happened.

If anyone is a threat to bring totalitarianism to America, it is the thinking of Hollywood limousine liberals like him and Barbara Streisand. They want to control what we think, say and do. That is fascism, Hollywood style.

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Anonymous said...

Limousine Liberals. Good one. Here's another all the young people that are getting the Republican hate messages shoved down their throats in the media and in school will be the new generation of "Liberal Boomers"