Monday, May 08, 2006


Had to go to the hospital for an angiogram a couple of days ago. As I waited in my room, a woman in the next room needing serious medical care spoke no English. Judging from those there to visit her, most of them didn’t speak English either and had just arrived in theUS. One of the nurses aides was from Peru, and it was not at all clear that she was here legally. It was obvious just from the conversations of these visitors, which were loud and usually right in front the open door to my room, most of them were not American citizens and were in the country illegally.

What also seemed obvious was that the hospital would be paying her bill, meaning that my insurance and medicare would be making up the difference. My children, can’t go to the hospital and get that kind of care free, as illegal immigrants can. They will be hounded by the hospital with bill collectors and threats if for any reason they are unable to pay, but the illegal aliens will simply slip away and leave the hospital and legal Americans holding the bag.

This is what illegal aliens are costing our country. It’s the hidden costs that are bankrupting hospitals. The federal government had to give Arizona $250,000,000 in reimbursements just to help them keep their hospitals open for Americans because of illegals drain them with unpaid medical bills.

This was the last straw. I will NOT vote for any Republican or Democrat who does not oppose amnesty, a legal workers program, the removal of illegals from this country, border closure and a fence to help keep illegals out, even if that means Democrats will take, the house senate and presidency.

I will not waste my vote on empty dishonest politically motivated promises and a president who is failing to protect our borders, even though he has been successful in the war on terror so far. The war to keep American, is now at our borders. Stupid, clueless Democrats will turn America into Mexico north. We’ll have the corruption, ineptitude and elitism that is Mexico, in America. If that is what Americans want then so be it.... you can count me out. PRESIDENT BUSH, YOU HAVE LOST MY VOTE. NG


Anonymous said...

Hope you are okay. I relly don't think any of the politicians want to close the borders for fear of what people will say and how they will vote. It's just so absurd and I can't take it anymore. My brother's wife had to have emergency surgery a couple of years ago before his medical insurance kicked in and now they are garnishing his income tax return until it is payed off. I say kick them all out and it's about time to start being fair to us hard working,tax paying citizens and stop playing tata to illegals.

NewGnome said...

I'm OK, but certainly, the cost of medical care has be increased by illegal aliens. We're paying for it in our insurance and medicare. It's time say, NO MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NG

Anonymous said...

I thought that was pretty powerful - Love, Carol