Thursday, May 04, 2006


Suddenly American blacks are realizing that the illegal immigration issue is a racial discrimination issue, and the discrimination is against blacks and other “American minorities.”

The next group (I don’t call Asians minorities because they are the single largest racial group in the world) will soon see that the preferential treatment given Hispanics is racist to them too.

If 12 to 20 million Hispanics can illegally immigrate to America with no repercussions, why not 20 million Africans, 20 million Asians, 20 million Indians, 20 million eastern Europeans, 20 million Arabs, or as Yul Brenner used to say in “The King and I”: etc, etc, etc. Do we have jobs for another 80-million new immigrants?


Anonymous said...

Yep because there are more hispanics than other nationalities here now they are the bigger voting block that the left will e catering to. It's all about the votes.

NewGnome said...

How sick is that...these people are just votes to be bought and sold. Fiberals think they can control outcomes...but they're going to learn they can't. NG

Anonymous said...

And I pray we see it in NOV '06 and Nov '08.