Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Thanks to Melinda Gates and CNN!!!

A CNN on-line headline screams: U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says!

CNN and Melinda Gates, in their effort to bad mouth America, are at it again. The annual State of the World's Mothers report puts America next to last for developed countries, in the death of babies in the first month after birth. "All children, no matter where they are born, deserve a healthy start in life," Melinda Gates wrote in a foreword to the report, which was funded in part by the foundation she runs with her husband, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Gates and CNN, in their story by Jeff Green, make every effort to demean America for it’s care of newly born babies. They cite statistics putting America just ahead of Latvia. Of course, other European countries fair much better in Green’s editorial opinion parroting Gates.

The truth is that this story is the ultimate lie from my perspective. Just consider the way the report is written. It makes a blanket statement that American newborn mortality is high, but totally fails to even consider the impact of the number of illegal immigrants who sneak into America to have their babies. These immigrant mothers usually have little or no care in Mexico, come through difficult circumstances to have their babies in America, which puts these births at much higher risk than native born American babies. Gates and CNN thus purposefully skew the statistics to make America look bad.

Just consider how they twist that truth! Best estimate of the Center for Immigration Studies (an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985 Washington, DC) reports that 42 per cent of births to immigrants are to illegal alien mothers and that was in 2002.

Today that figure is much higher, some estimates claim well over 50 per cent of all immigrant births are to illegal immigrant mothers. Some studies say one in 8 births in the United states are to illegal aliens. In 2002, 383,000 births were to illegal immigrants. Today estimates peg the figure of illegal immigrant births at 5 to 6 times higher than in 1970.

America has about 4-million births annually. Again estimates claim as many as a quarter of them are from illegal immigrant mothers, totally distorting the statistics of early mortality rates, reported by Gates. But Gates and CNN aggressively ignore high risk births by illegal immigrant mothers so they can justify their negative spin to criticize America.

It is the perfect lie and the perfect illustration of how the liberal media with the help of the wife of the world’s richest man, twist truth to fit their agenda. Is it any wonder that FOX news is now the most trusted news source in the country?


Anonymous said...

I guess the best thing we can do is try to keep exposing them and spreading the word and try to educate American people how their own people hate this country that much.

NewGnome said...

One would think that an effort would be made to make a study of this importance as accurate as possible, but unfortunately, Melinda and the left take every chance to get their "digs" in at America.

I'm amazed that Melinda Gates is so blantantly dishonest in her agenda to bash America. With all the money she and her husband have made because of their success in this country, it is simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

You are one sick puppy!!!! Is there any problem in USA that is not laid at Mexico's door?

NewGnome said...

How am I blaming Mexico? I am blaming illegal immigrants who come from across the Mexican border INTO AMERICA, or don't you understand that. You are symptomatic of those who try to shift the blame and win the argument, not by the facts but by changing the premise. I would just like a little honesty from the left, which we will never get from the likes of Melinda Gates or apparently you.

What is amazing to me is that you actively exclude anything that more accurately counts early mortality rates. But truth was apparently never your goal. Can you honestly say with the number of births by illegal immigrants with poor medical care before coming to America does not affect American infant mortality rates? Because if you do, you are as dishonest at Gates.


PS. If you don't use a handle, I will not respond to you any further comments you may chose to make. Oh, and by the way, I haven't blamed Mexico for 911, yet! Perhaps I will when the border is crossed by hispanic al Qaeda operatives blowing up Cleveland. And you are one stupid puppy!

Anonymous said...

There goes another liberal who is Pro-Illegal Immigration.
If Mexico is so great then why are they coming here? To send back money to help that corruption,free medical care and welfare.
What other incentives are there besides those things? Open your eyes stupid and stop sticking up for the people that really hate this country waving Mexican Flags around. Time to take back America!
Time to cut the phony BS.
It may not slove all of our problems but it will sure help.

Anonymous said...

Dear NG:

I think I see a pattern. You don't seem to like rich people who have risen to the top of the American Dream heap. First it was Buffet and now its Gates.

NewGnome said...

Yes, there is a pattern. Fiberals always change the subject to avoid the question. Buffet is a Liberal, Gates is a liberal, that’s the pattern I don’t like. Fibs always claim all problems are caused by “rich” Republicans, but it’s the “rich” Democrats who shovel the “sh..” oooppppps!.....crap. That’s fiberal logic for ya.

PS: And geeze, a thank you is in order--you've been reading my blog since the Buffet blog...that's a long time and quite complementary to me. Thanks,