Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Supporters of Hillary Clinton have begun putting together her campaign strategy for 2016.  Of course, the whole process is behind closed doors so as not to tip her hand.  But interestingly enough the issues she is running on, seem vaguely familiar.  I just can’t put my finger on where I’ve heard these issues before.

Her major issues includes:

*Fighting Republicans war on women

*Increasing taxes on the rich

*Expanding the welfare programs

*Attacking business

*Accusing Republicans of being anti-immigration

*Blaming George Bush

*Expanding the woefully inadequate Obamacare

*Making solar and wind power the top energy priority

*Demolition of the coal, gas and oil industries

It’s just amazing to think about these seemingly brand new issues Hillary will be pushing four years from now.  The Democrat Party has already written off the next four years as a big zero.  Obama is too incompetent to do anything positive but destroy.

The Clinton supports will be anxious to point out that American will need the Democrats more than ever because the economy will be in such shambles the “free stuff” crowd will be clamoring for more and more government handouts.  We can look forward to the new campaign to kick off on January 21 2013.  At least we’ll have new issues to listen to instead of the tired same ol’, same ol’.

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