Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Obama's demeanor in the debate will possibly change this election.  Romney won the debate big time.   The next debate will not be watched as much as tonight's.   Thus, many people will accept Romney's win and probably not watch the next debate.

A large percentage of those voters could easily be the difference in this election cycle.  The Vice President debate could be just as telling.  If Joe Biden continues to say things that the middle class has been buried for the past four years, then Paul Ryan ought to keep his mouth shut and let Biden continue to say things that will get Romney elected.

This may be the best debate since Lincoln-Douglas.  I have an apology to make.  Jim Lehrer did a great job.  He actually did exactly what he should have….let the candidates have at it.

Tomorrow, the Democrats will be spinning the loss by castigating Jim Lehrer for allowing Romney to dominate the debate.  First, Lehrer didn't let Romney to dominate, Obama allowed Romney to dominate.   Interestingly, Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast timed the debate and Obama got 3-more minutes than did Romney, so the argument that Obama got screwed is false. 

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