Sunday, October 21, 2012


Two problems for employees have reared their ugly head and come from Obamacare.  In an effort to force employers to comply with the so-called Affordable Health Care.

One rule defines a work week as anything that is 30 hours per week averaging over a month's period.  The second is that any employer is subject to health care fines if they do not buy health insurance for their employees if they have 50 employees or more. 

As an example, many fast food places or restaurants have 50 employees.  So what if you were the employer what would you do to avoid the fines or extremely expensive health care premiums.

First, employees working an average of 30 hours will have their hours cut to 25 to 29 hours maximum per week.  Employers will keep very careful  track of any employee who even approaches 30 hours per week.
Secondly,  businesses will  reduce their employee roster to below 50 employees if they're anywhere close to that number. 

If you are an employee of a company and you are the 50th through the 60th employee, you might want to start looking for another part-time job. 

Brazil has an interesting problem.  Because of socialistic engineering like Obamacare, it's nearly impossible to fire anybody.  However, employers solved the problem by simply contracting employees for no longer than six months at a time. American employers will adjust to the complexities of Obamacare by taking similar actions.

So  American workers will be hit by a cut in hours and laid off if they are anywhere the 50-employee limit. 

And these are just two of the secret punishments for employers and employees in Obama demolition of business owners.  Go ahead, vote for Obama and you'll have four more years of fewer and fewer jobs, and fewer and fewer hours.  Part time is the wave of the future under Obama.

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