Monday, October 08, 2012


Liberals are fretting over what they see as Barack Obama's lack of desire to be president anymore.  They may be right.  It seems a plausible explanation.  But also included in the laments that he gets irritated and frustrated that his efforts to install socialistic solutions to perceived inadequacies of capitalism have failed.

While liberal evaluations of Obama's lack luster performance during the debate and his short attention span and inability to make changes even as president, I believe that there is another even more important issue that dominates his utter submission . 

That issue is the failure of his policies.  He's tired of being president because his policies of socialistic dominance don't work as he envisioned and cannot simply be imposed  Huge infusions of money in the public sector does not create jobs.  Creating public sector jobs is like take that twenty-dollar bill from one pocket and putting it in the other and saying you have forty dollars.   His efforts to dictate policy and have that policy work in a democratic country have not worked.  He is president, not King George!

How sad for him.  He achieved the pinnacle of power only to find that that is when he needed the greatest skill of a statesmanship, to present ideas, form a consensus and get enough votes to implement them.  Obama has had almost no experience in creating a consensus.  He doesn't even think he should have to lower himself to negotiate.  Then when the policies he believes inviolate don't work, he is devastated which is why he is failing to engender his personal enthusiasm to continue his presidency.    Can he change his desire?  We shall see.

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