Thursday, August 25, 2011


Americans have wondered why the recovery has stalled, why there is so much fear and trepidation and most important why Americans and businesses are not spending and the economy not growing. It’s simple really. EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR OBAMA TO LEAVE so they can get their real lives back.

Once that monumental anchor Obamaism is removed from the American economy, the unprecedented weight of his excessive regulations, a sensible tax and fiscal policy, and strength with honor are returned to America and most important...we dump the worst president for the past 5369 years, I believe the America’s economy will lead the way to one of the biggest boom periods that the world has ever seen.

But that’s just my opinion, what the heck do I know, I’m just an American Senior Citizen who’s lived through thirteen presidencies.

Here is my ranking of those thirteen presidents.

#5369* Barack Obama: Worst destroyer of the Constitution, American way of life and economy ever. Women swooned and the world collapsed into chaos, division and hate, led by his hate of America. (I couldn’t remember any further back that wasn’t Genghis Kahn and he was better than Obama)

#5368* Jimmy Carter: Smartest presidential dunce America’s ever had and without a shred of common sense. But he was very nice if you are/were a Palestinian terrorist or needed a neighbor to swing a hammer. Note of caution: never asked him to add 2 and 2 or deploy rescuers.

#11 Lyndon Baines Johnson: Did an amazing job with Civil Rights and the worse with everything else including Viet Nam and the alleged war on poverty for which we are still paying.

#10 George W. H. Bush: “I just wanted to serve my country” He forgot there is more to being president than a suit and tie and that words like “no new taxes” have meanings.

#9 George W. Bush: He could be best of the worst, but revenge and a desire to be liked got in the way.

#8 Richard Nixon: As a president he did some great things such as China detente, but he forgot he wasn’t a dictator like Mao Zedong and assumed “no one” would ever hear those tapes recordings.

#7 Gerald Ford: Ford did one thing right but it cost him everything. He pardoned Nixon which allowed America to move forward. His worst fault was to think he could reason with Democrats, an intellectual impossibility.

# 6 Franklin Delano Roosevelt: He was the most unsuccessful president who is thought to have been one of the most glaringly successful of all the presidents. He did two things right, he created confidence in the people where there was none at the beginning of the Great Depression but attacked the Constitution while trying to pack the Supreme Court. His policies failed to correct the depression and after eight long years of his administration unemployment figures were still 14%. War War II, contrary to popular opinion, did not end the Great Depression.

#5 Bill Clinton: Johnny Cash sang it best. “Everybody Loves a Nut!” Bill was the most immoral, skirt chasing, zipper in perpetual down position scoundrel that women loved, except for his wife, of course” that America has ever known. His greatest accomplish was to do what Newt (the person with a real brain) said, and was and has been highly rewarded for doing so.

#4 John Kennedy: When everybody thinks you’re the King of Camelot you can do no wrong. Unfortunately, a little of Lancelot got into Kennedy’s briefs along with Marilyn Monroe and he almost got America into a nuclear war because of the babes he bedded. Jackie was a saint, unfortunately a liberal saint.

#3 Ike Eisenhower: All he ever did was win the greatest war ever fought, build the nation’s greatest road system, supply Americans with real peace for a while, and was a pretty good painter too. Don’t you long for the tranquility of the 1950s? It was a great time to be alive…Little Richard and Elvis in one generation……WOW!

#2 Harry S. Truman: Harry was the best average man that ever lived. He made the most impossible but necessary decision since Abraham Lincoln and saved more lives than any president who ever lived, both American and Japanese. Knew exactly where the buck stopped and didn’t triangulate about anything.

#1 Ronald Reagan: Probably the most brilliant constitutional practitioner and thinker America has ever known with the possible exception of founding father James Madison. He understood the spirit of the Constitution with the same understanding as George Washington. Reagan makes Obama look like a law professor who had enough devoted students to fill a bathroom toilet stall who couldn’t define the concept of a fart.

There’s the story folks. I’m WAITING FOR OBAMA TO LEAVE, so we can get back to the America of Reagan, Eisenhower and Truman.

Foot Note* Neither Obama nor Carter deserves to be named a top 13 presidential list, therefore I have chosen to list them in comparison to where their ranking more accurately reflects their leadership qualities.


Lisa said...

That was a fabulous post NG. You make some very points. Good job.


NewGnome said...

Thanks tos. I had fun writing it.