Sunday, August 07, 2011


Both Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan faced bad economies when they took office. In Reagan's case it was massive inflation, bad consumer confidence and the Jimmy Carter malaise. The economy was dying. There is no question that the policies of congressional democrats and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were disastrous.

Where the problems come is in what the two presidents did. Reagan cut taxes, did all he could to encourage business. Obama has done the exact opposite.

The results of the two presidents are startling. Consumer confidence under Obama is terrible. Jobs are gone. Taxes are going up. Inflation is getting ready to go back to Jimmy Carter levels. And worst of all, our credit rating was lowered for the first time in history.

What economy would you rather have now. Obama's or Reagan's. I know what I'd rather have and it doesn't start with a zero.


Anonymous said...

now this is a no brainer NG,lol!!!
Actually I would take Mickey Mouse over Barack Obama.


NewGnome said...

If Mickey Mouse Runs, he's got my vote over Obama. NG