Sunday, July 31, 2011


It has become painfully apparent just how desperate Obama lovers have become to save his disastrous administration. The latest iteration is that Obama is just like President Ronald Reagan. The argument goes like this.

"They both came in during a bad economy, immediately lowered the tax burden on most people through either rate cuts, deductions, or credits. And now Obama is raising taxes, just like Reagan did (the real Reagan, not the mythic (sic) one)."

The lie that Obama lowered taxes is beyond pathetic. The effort to link Obama to Reagan Ironically justifies Reagan's amazing presidency and reveals the disaster that is the Obama administration. But what else do Obama lovers and Democrats have that make Obama look good. The answer is nothing.

For the last 2 1/2 years a good friend and former wild-eyed liberal has been trying to convince me that Obama is attempting to destroy American by over spending us into oblivion. For all this time I have argued that Obama's just stupidly ignorant and arrogant, but his policies are becoming more and more directed at putting America into a position of collapse. I'm beginning to believe my friend is right.

Obama's destroyed jobs through regulations and taxes. He's chased jobs overseas and doesn't have a clue what it takes to stimulate the economy. His huge expenditures, debt and deficit certainly haven't. The sooner he's the former president the sooner America will return to success.

What's scary about that is the implied Obama's threat to act by himself regarding the debt is exactly what the liberal radicals have been suggesting as a method of taking over America much as Hugo Chavez has in Venezuela. If Democrats want to compare Obama to someone, Chavez is a better example.

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Anonymous said...

I knew this was his plan with George Soros behind him pulling the strings all one would have to do is know who Soros is.