Sunday, July 10, 2011


The question about Barack Obama is not what he's done wrong, the question is whether he's done anything right. The answer is yes. He has actually made one good decision: Kill Osama bin Laden and dump his body in the ocean. Beyond that, he's done everything wrong and made everything worse.

Would you rather have Ronald Reagan's economy coming out of the Jimmy Carter recession and malaise or would you rather have the disaster we have under the policies of the Obama Administration with his minions after two and a half years still blaming George W. Bush.

I was there and I know what happened during the Reagan administration, and Jackie Mason wasn't quite right, Obama isn't the third worst president in history, he's the worst president since Milford Philpot….there was no Milford Philpot who was president you say….congratulations you've won the prize….


TheLonelyArtistClub said...

1) I'm glad you clarified for your readers that Milford Philpot was not a real person. You never know what idiots who read right wing blogs are going to take literally.

2) I like the Obama/Reagan comparison. They both came in during a bad economy, immediately lowered the tax burden on most people through either rate cuts, deductions, or credits. And now Obama is raising taxes, just like Reagan did (the real Reagan, not the mythic one).

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Hey NG hope all is well. I came across this post today maybe you would like to read it regarding Obummer's presidency:


NewGnome said...

Hi Tos, I'm just like everybody, trying to weather the Obama storm. That was an excellent comment. It is incredible that many American still consider him a good president. NG